A Counselor of Real Estate is a unique professional in the real estate industry. Experienced, smart, judicious, and thoughtful, certified Counselors are committed to one objective – providing intelligent and objective real estate advice that achieves the best results. As a certified Real Estate Counselor, Sharon Woods leads LandUseUSA in adhering to the organization’s high standards in Commitment, Knowledge, Experience, Wisdom, Integrity, and Distinction.


A Counselor of Real Estate serves as the link between defining problems and developing strategies and solutions of measurable economic value. Real estate counseling is a process that requires extensive knowledge, technical competency, thoughtful analysis, and critical inquiry. For each assignment, Counselors leverage their experience to assess past, present, and future; and develop sound solutions across the spectrum of land uses.

Laws do not govern the validity of opinions and advice, so it is imperative that your Counselor be committed to integrity and honesty. Counselors must adhere to the highest ethical standards and codes of confidentiality.

In a commercial real estate industry with more than 150,000 practitioners, CRE has invited only 1,100 practitioners to be members of the organization. Through a highly selective process, Sharon Woods is one of only 7 practitioners who have been invited in Michigan. She has passed our challenging exam; and has proven that she gives valuable counsel and is recognized for the highest levels of knowledge and trust within her business relationships.” – The Counselors of Real Estate

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